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# Do the travelers need the travel permits to visit Indonesia


All travelers to Indonesia must be in possession of passport valid for at least six months from date of arrival and have proof of onward or return passage in the form of valid tickets.

# What to pack for Indonesia tours?


Wear comfortable walking shoes, wear slacks or knee length shorts, a shirt with sleeves or a sarong.

# What is the weather like in Indonesia


With a distinctly tropical climate, Indonesia experiences east monsoon from June to September that brings dry weather while the west monsoon from December to March is moisture-laden bringing rain. The transitional period is interposed by occasional rain showers, but even in the midst of the west monsoon season, temperatures range from 21 degrees C (70 F) to 33 degrees C. (90 F) except at some of the higher altitudes which are much cooler. Heaviest rainfalls are recorded in December and January.

# What is the best timing for Indonesian tours?


It is best to tour the country during dry season that include months from June to September.


# What are the commonly spoken languages in Indonesia?


There are over 583 languages as well as dialects spoken in Indonesia. Belonging to various ethnic groups, the main national language of the country is Bahasa that is written in Roman script and based on European orthography. However, English is fairly common and widely accepted in all the tourist regions.

# What medical preparations the travelers need to make before Indonesia tours?


You must have an international health certificate when visiting Indonesia. Also, though Java and Bali are risk free zones, rest of the country is still a malaria risk zone being in a topical area. Though there is a very small probability of you catching the same, it is best to take pills as a safety measure against these diseases.

#What is the local currency Used?


The currency of the country is Rupiah. The hotels and shops do accept credit cards. This is more prevalent in big cities. In small towns it is betters that you carry sufficient amount of Rupiah. You can get the travelers cheques encashed at the banks.

# What should I keep in mind when I contact with the Indonesians?


Limit the use of your left hand. The left hand is considered dirty in Indonesia. Try to avoid passing money, food, shaking hands or touching people with your left hand as it will be considered offensive.

# How much should I tip?


At most hotels and restaurants service charge 21% tax and service is added to the bill. An airport or hotel porter expects Rp 5,000 per bag. Taxi drivers will round up to the nearest Rp 500 or Rp 1,000. Leaving the change is appreciated but not mandatory. It is advisable to carry small change as taxi drives are often short of change.

# Is Indonesia safe for travelling?


Mainly, Indonsia is a safe country. Violent crime is highly rare though pickpocketing and small scale crimes are fairly common in tourist areas. So be aware of them. Keep an eye out on your luggage as well as anyone who seems like trouble to you. Women are advised to dress conservatively to avoid hurting any local sentimentality.



#. What are the commonly used phone numbers for emergency in Indonesia?


The following phone calls can be directly made from any other telephones in Indonesia once the emergency happens.

Information dial 108
Police dial 112
Ambulance dial 118
Fire Department dial 113

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